World-renowned battery scientist Prof. Michel Armand visits Deakin

Professor Michel Armand is a world-leading researcher in the development of modern energy storage devices.

Over the last six weeks, the Institute of Frontier Materials, IFM, was fortunate enough to have him stay as a visiting academic. During this time, Michel (who is also an Honorary Professor at Deakin) has joined in on various project meetings, engaged in one on ones with some of our early career PhDs and postdocs, and lent his expertise on their research questions.

Michel also delivered a seminar for storEnergy in one of his key areas of research, “Towards Li-metal solid-state batteries”. This talk highlighted the importance of battery storage research, which for many years now has been playing catch-up with advances in technology. To achieve this, the focus of his work is on the solid electrolyte component, whether it be polymeric or ceramic based. While overall capacity is one of the key targets of this research, he also underlined the importance of sustainability in these future materials.