Research training

Research training modules

Transferable skills

  • Building an online research network and community
  • Growing your enthusiasm for research
  • Being successful

Research skills

  • Simplifying complexity without simplification: making science accessible
  • Developing a professional research identity
  • Making meaningful research connections

Core and advanced specialist training

  • Advanced materials and systems characterisation
  • Electrical and renewable energy engineering
  • Frontier materials

Training in 2022

  • Symposiums – 27 April, mid July, mid November, storEnergy researchers will present their latest results.
  • Workshops with guest speakers on topics from manufacturing of Li-ion batteries to circular economy.
  • Fortnightly seminars on topics from: Subject Matter Knowledge, Advanced research skills and Professional skills, including a talk by Deakin Library on research Matrix.
  • Electrochemistry training workshops in collaboration with the Future Batteries Industry CRC team, where experts in different fields of electrochemistry will explain some E-chem techniques, how to use these techniques and how to interpret data.
  • Professional training courses in collaboration with DeakinCo and School of Business and Law to develop high technology research training modules for industry, government, and teachers.