Seeking researchers for new battery projects

The demand for high performance energy storage and electric vehicles (EVs) has led to a global search for safe, low cost, fast response, high capacity batteries.

A storEnergy project with industry partner Calix aims to develop Australian technology to manufacture high performance electrode materials sustainably, at low cost and from priority Australian mineral resources. The project covers a range of activities from advanced synthesis techniques of electrode materials, preliminary electrochemical testing, and advanced device prototyping.

Seeking researchers with the following skills and experience:

  • Knowledge in electrochemistry and electrochemical experimental methods, such as cyclic voltammetry and other battery cycling methods
  •  Knowledge in electrochemical data interpretation, analysis and communication. Regular presentations are required to scientific audiences and industrial partners
  • Knowledge of battery materials and testing methods: symmetrical cells, half cells, full cells, pouch cells etc
  •  Ability to work in collaboration with other team members in a multi-disciplinary and multicultural environment


  • Ability to initiate and conduct research under limited supervision to meet strict project deadlines
  • A high level of English verbal and written communication skills  to communicate project findings in the form of publications or conference talks.

For more information, please contact Dr Timothy Khoo: