Develop Battery Recycling, Repurposing and Re-use

Grow a sustainable, traceable and responsible Australian battery recycling industry based upon collection, repurposing, sorting and metallurgical recycling with back-integration into the resources processing value chain of the circular economy.


Develop Battery Energy Storage Systems Testing Capability

Develop and integrate Australian testing facilities to stress test battery energy storage systems for reliable and robust application and deployment in main grids, micro-grids, defence, electric vehicles and mining for quality certification.


Develop Specialised Batteries

Develop a new generation of cells, batteries and battery storage systems: Enable the new generation by developing cells, cell-hybrids and battery energy storage systems for demanding niche global markets using a whole-of system approach with fit-for purpose intelligent control systems for deployment in niche electric vehicles, defence, main and micro grids and mining equipment.


Develop Smart Battery Management Systems

Evolve smart battery management systems and their associated intelligent monitoring and control systems for sustained and safe battery operation while in use, reliability centred maintenance and timely repurposing within the context of their deployment environments.

Ensure Battery Safety and Security

Characterise and quantify safety and security risks in the deployment of batteries in various demanding deployment environments with blockchain traceability to source, while improving risk mitigation measures.