Official launch of ARC Research Hub for Integrated Energy Storage Solutions

The ARC Research Hub for Integrated Energy Storage Solutions celebrated its official launch on Thursday 20 February at UNSW, Sydney.

Funded under the same ARC Industrial Transformation Research Programme as storEnergy, the Hub is a collaborative research program working across 5 technology areas: battery technologies including supercapacitors, fuel cells, power-to-gas, virtual storage and integration of storage, together with associated economic and regulatory research. The goal is to integrate these storage solutions into existing energy networks and applications using novel storage monitoring, control and optimisation technologies. 

Led by director Prof Joe Dong, the Hub’s approach is very complementary to storEnergy’s aspirations. We have been working closely with the IESS Hub since it began operating last year. There is significant scope for research collaboration particularly in areas where the Hub’s improved storage theme aligns strongly with our initiatives under Platform 2 – Energy Systems and Devices. Additionally, we are working to co-align our training and education programmes.

Dr Timothy Khoo attended the launch as a representative of storEnergy. Our partners – CSIRO and DST Group – are also partners, and Prof Patrick Howlett is leading a project, in the Integrated Energy Storage Solutions Hub.