Professor Patrick Howlett

Professor Patrick Howlett’s research relates to electrochemical devices (e.g. batteries) and surface engineering through the manipulation of electrode interphases using novel materials approaches.

The materials focus of his research includes ionic liquids, polymer electrolytes, plastic crystal electrolytes as well as their composites and reactive metals such as lithium and sodium. His work also includes the use and development of advanced surface characterisation techniques.

Prof Howlett has published more than 160 refereed journal papers and 8 patents. He is a Chief Investigator within both the ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science and the ARC StorEnergy Training Centre, where he is a platform leader.

Prior to commencing his research career Prof Howlett worked in the mining and petrochemical industries. In 1998 he joined CSIRO, working in battery research, while completing his PhD at Monash University. He moved to Deakin in 2010, where he now holds a continuing position focused on energy storage research.